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The latest in alternative or conspiracy news.
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Tikal (Mayan ruins), Guatemala- our enlightening visit...

Our enlightening visit to Tikal (Mayan ruins), Guatemala.

Danilo Rodriguez, took us around Tikal, Guatemala as our guide. We had no idea that this coincidence of a meeting would be so eye-opening and quite frankly amazing. Having long been a follower of Jesus and worshiper of God, it came as a great surprise to learn how the Mayan 2012 end of calendar mystery very well likely falls right into line with such scriptures as Matthew 24 in the Bible. Before I go there, I wanted to share this video clip of our first half an hour with Danilo or the 'black jaguar' as is his ceremonial name, shortened to just the highlights of about nine minutes.

He talks about a chapter he wrote in a book by Mr. Robert Roskind whom is organizing a concert about this coming event and wrote the book 2012 the transformation from the love of power to the power of love titled, "2012:THE TRANSFORMATION." He also goes into details about a Belgian's book, "The World Cataclysm in 2012" by Patrick Geryl, which is very interesting for it goes also into the mathematics of it all.

View film here:

The good news is- the end of the Maya calendar (calendar cycle, concerning the cosmos and more) does not mean the end for good. It is a transformation, shift or change. Naturally the way it is explained varies, for everyone uses different terminology and comes from varied religious or non-religious backgrounds and cultures.

Jesus, in Matthew 24 lays out how the end will happen or come upon us within the Bible. Is it so crazy not to look at this 2012 mystery and Mayan calendar as one of those signs?

To read more, you can find the books mentioned above and more via this web store:




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