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Templars take it to the Vatican - 2008 (Not 1308)

Templars take it to the Vatican - 2008 (Not 1308)

The Register reports;

Knights Templar to Vatican: Give us back our assets

This is very interesting. Not only would I love to see how the Sovereign Order of the Temple of Christ could proof their linage, but also the evidence itself! The article in part reads:

"The Knights Templar are demanding that the Vatican give them back their good name and, possibly, billions in assets into the bargain, 700 years after the order was brutally suppressed by a joint venture between the Pope and the King of France.

If the Holy See doesn’t comply, the warrior knights, renowned for liberating the Holy Land, will deploy that most fearsome of weapons: a laborious court case through the creaking Spanish legal system."

SOURCE: www.theregister.co.uk

The Templars were defeated on Friday, October 13th. in the year of 1307- more accurately gathered up all across Europe (Royalty, Vatican and local churches working together) and hung on the spot. Naturally, some survived, went underground and legend has they re-appeared as Freemasons.

This is one of the big reasons (and cover ups) that the number 13 is unlucky and furthermore that Friday the 13th is a day when bad things can happen- if you were a Templar, you could see why...

More on number thirteen in a future entry...

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