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Rennes-le-Chateau Mystery Solved?

Read more and give your own take on whether the Rennes-le-Chateau Mystery is solved...

Rennes-le-Chateau Mystery solved

Rennes-le-Chateau Mystery
has been largely solved?

Stephen Phillips gives us an update on where the Rennes-le-Chateau Mystery stands as far as his research has brought him

Stephen, in a discussion started around the Circle symbol of Jesus Christ, asks me:

Did you know that the mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau has been largely solved, although the solution is not widely known yet? Have you read about Patrice Chaplin's amazing discoveries and recent books? I know Perpignan and spent some weeks a few years ago staying in the Pyrenees at the villa of a friend close to the French/Spanish border an hour's drive from Girona. That's the city where you need to go if you want to solve the mystery of Berenger Sauniere.

So, surely I asked for a complete update on Rennes-le-Chateau and it's mystery exemplified in Dan Brown's fictional work, "The Da Vinci Code." Here it is:

Mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau Largely Solved

The essential mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau has been: what did the priest Sauniere discover that made him so rich? What he found is known: he found parchments containing an encrypted message left by a previous priest - Abbe Bigou. He took them to Paris to be deciphered and suddenly became wealthy. Thanks to the discoveries of Patrice Chaplin, we now know why. His new wealth came from the House of Habsburg, one of the great European royal families (now the House of Habsburg-Lorraine):

She has seen statements from Sauniere's bank in Paris that indicate an account was set up in his name that had an account number next to one that referred to an account opened by an aristocrat in the House of Habsburg (so, clearly, both were created at the same time). Sauniere was paid to renovate his church so as to encrypt the great secret that had been preserved for centuries in Catalonia by a private Spanish Kabbalist society centered in Girona. Patrice Chaplin is the ex-wife of Michael Chaplin, Charlie Chaplin's son. She ran away from home in England at the age of 15 and became a bohemian in the Paris of the mid-1960s, meeting existentialists like Jean-Paul Sartre. She ended up in Girona and fell in love with Jose Tarres, who was a Spanish nationalist resisting General Franco at the time. Little did she know then but he was also the leader of the private society that guarded the secret discovered by Sauniere (actually, it was Bigou who originally stumbled across it when he came into possession of centuries-old Kabbalistic documents and then left clues to what it was). Chaplin and others suspect that Tarres is in fact Sauniere's grandson. What he told her (and she has been given letters written by Sauniere, reproduced in her book, that prove this) is that the priest often visited Girona, secretly staying with a Frenchwoman behind the cathedral there. He modeled the "Tour Magdala" that he added to his church exactly on the tower on her property (old photos of the tower in Girona and architectural plans he drew up prove this).

Inisde church at Rennes-le-Chateau..
Image source and more Rennes photos here

The question is why was he so heavily funded by the House of Habsburg to build the tower, etc? Jose Tarres eventually told her, although Chaplin also found part of the answer from the Frenchwoman, whom she had met whilst living in Girona. Whilst building a restaurant, Tarres had discovered in the city the foundations of a Jewish Kabbalist school of the 14th century. Girona had been the centre of European Kabbalah until the Spanish expelled Jews from that area. The society Tarres headed guarded certain Kabbalistic rituals and very ancient artifacts used during these rituals. They enabled the initiate to pass through a so-called "portal" activated by the ritual and to travel into the past. Sauniere knew this time-travelling secret and even underwent the ritual himself. He was paid to encrypt clues to it in his church. Chaplin met the great Surrealist painter Salvador Dali when he lived in Perpignan, and she claims the society headed by her lover initiated him. His 1965 painting "The Railway Station at Perpignan":

depicts his passage through the portal.

Chaplin has written two fascinating books on her early life in Girona (long before she met Michael Chaplin). One is called "City of Secrets" and the more recent one describing her own initiation and passage through the portal on the summit of Mount Canigou is called "The Portal". Both are available from Amazon. Here are two YouTube videos introducing her discoveries and books:


Patrice Chaplin talks about the interdimensional Portal in the Pyrenees - YouTube

Here is Chaplin's Facebook page:


Here is a video of Jose Tarres going public for the first time, being introduced by Patrice Chaplin in Girona where he gave a talk this year about its Kabbalistic history. Decades ago, he built a museum there which I have visited, putting on display the Kabbalistic books and paraphernalia that he unearthed (one of the ritual artifacts that his society guards even went on display there briefly, although its real purpose was not made public):

José Tarres speaks on history of Girona, Spain. Part 1 - YouTube

Here is a website devoted to historical mysteries, such as Rennes-le-Chateau:


where some of its researchers hang out in its forum and which contains an interesting interview with Chaplin:


Irrespective of whether one finds it hard to belief Chaplin's claims about the time-traveling portal, no one can deny that she has uncovered a totally new insight into Sauniere and the mystery surrounding him - particularly as it is based not upon speculation but upon documents and other forms of evidence that cannot be dismissed as easily as Pierre Plantard's "Priory of Sion" fantasies.

I think there are still facets of the mystery which Chaplin either has not been told about or does not wish to make public - such as the identity of the mummified female that the Rennes-le-Chateau researcher Ben Hammott discovered in a cave in the area and which he believes is the remains of Mary Magdalene:


The discovery was made into a highly controversial film called "Bloodline" - trailer and other parts at:


But the issues that are still outstanding are new ones and may yet turn out to be bogus, as Hammott is not forthcoming about the location of the cave he found containing 2000-year old coins from Jerusalem and a mummified body, although he has filmed it. Chaplin has solved the long-standing problem about the origin of Sauniere's wealth and the secret he discovered in his church, which he then rebuilt in order to encrypt it.


Stephen Phillips

vist Stephen's fascinating site about sacred geometry here:

THANK YOU Stephen - a lot of content to soft through this weekend! (sorry for the delay)

So, that is an update on Rennes-le-Chateau. Always a highly interesting subject!
Rennes-le-Chateau Mystery solved? Perhaps it is just staring!

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Comments on this item:

04-01-2017 07:14:30
I think the following documentary:


explains to my satisfaction the mystery of Saunier's wealth...He was adept at trafficking in Catholic masses and had hit on the idea of placing multiple ads in magazines...her received dozens of letters a day, most of which contained money for the masses that he could not possibly perform. In short he was a crook.
06-01-2017 10:04:20
Yes Jean he was a crook, but he was also a crook that knew a great secret which the Catholic Church wanted to suppress so they paid him for his silence and turned a blind eye to his crooked dealings.
06-01-2017 14:00:04
This is the real solution to the mystery of Rennes le Chateau and it's nothing to do with Patrice Chaplin's theory.
Unsurprisingly enough it begins with Gnostics. Gnostics claim to know a great secret which the Catholic Church has always tried to suppress because it undermines the Churches very existence and which became known as the Gnostic Heresy. Gnostics have appeared in many guises throughout history, but all have have one thing in common; they all claim to know God. They don't just believe in God, they know God through experiencing God, and i'm not just making this up. When Carl Jung was asked if he believed in God, he said, "I don't believe: I know". So it is reasonable to assume that the secret and the Gnostic Heresy are concerned with this knowledge. What secret knowledge could be any greater than this? And hasn't this been what all the world religions have always been trying to tell us? That God exists. And what is the recognised and generally accepted way of contacting God? Why, prayer, of course. Because of the Catholic Churches persecution of them, Gnostics hid their great secret in the landscape around Rennes le Chateau.
T. Findley, in his book, puts forward the theory that the Gnostic Heresy was based on a simple meditation technique or prayer which allowed Gnostics to align themselves with God. He discovered certain alignments in Poussin's painting, 'The Shepherds of Arcadia' and then in the landscape that confirmed a meditation technique commonly used by practitioners all over the world. He has presented this technique as a perfectly valid theory which is demonstrable and provable and which is now appeared in graphic detail to the public for the first time in thousands of years.
Here is a list of all the issues and mysteries surrounding the mystery of Rennes le Chateau that his book either solves or reveals:-
1. The real pentacle and pentagon in Poussin's painting.
2. The cat's face in Poussin's painting.
3. The 3 reflections in Poussin's painting.
4. Fig. 1.10, the key to understanding the mystery of Rennes le Chateau.
5. VAVV = 3 reflections and an A as revealed by Fig. 1.10.
6. The DM Code solution.
7. The pentacle and pentagon in Teniers' painting.
8. Henry Lincoln's re-aligned pentacle in the landscape.
9. Poussin's painting revealed in the landscape.
10. The M-line of reflection from Montsegur.
11. The short-line of reflection from Puilaurens.
12. The pentacle at Lavaldieu.
13. The site of the Templar treasure.
14. The solution to the inscription on the gravestone of Marie de Negre d'Ables.
15. The solution to the inscriptions on the Coumesourde stone.
16. The Coumesourde stone revealed in the landscape.
17. The solution to the covert message in parchment 3.
18. The M and I = points A and B in Poussin and Teniers' paintings.
19. The Holy Grail revealed in Poussin's painting.
20. The Holy Grail revealed in the landscape.
21. It is possible to see the Holy Grail in the shadows and contours of the Shepherdess' cloak with the initiates' arm forming the actual stem.

If any theory had solved any one of these puzzles then that would have been remarkable enough in its own right, but T. Findley's theory solves all 21 and more. In scientific terms, one would have been enough, and all 21 validate his theory.

So there you have it, all the worlds great religions, all the superstition, all the mystery, all the hocus-pocus and all the ecclesiastical paraphernalia was all based on one simple meditation technique all along. I am always astounded at human natures ability to confuse and obfuscate simple messages.

So now the title of this website is entirely accurate. The mystery of Rennes le Chateau is finally solved.
12-01-2017 06:28:52
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23-02-2017 04:54:21
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