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Pope John Paul II Exhumed Coffin and Body Used as Altar

Pope John Paul II Exhumed Coffin and Body
Used as an Altar(!)
for Sunday Mass at the Vatican

Live Webcam of Sunday Mass on the late Pope's Coffin

This was the scene via the live, dead Pope's webcam, this past Sunday February 24, 2013 at the Vatican in Rome. Pope John Paul II Exhumed Coffin, his second grave site if you will, being Used as Altar during Sunday mass within the Vatican!

Pope John Paul II live webcam at the Vatican of his recently exhumed coffin is here (I took screen grabs of the mass happening live from this source link):
or here, they change the URL a lot lately...

This is like his second grave, but now above ground. Not only that, they are using the late Pope's grave as an ALTAR. Is that normal? Is that even proper?

Then to also place a live, 24/7 webcam on the exhumed Pope's second grave. Most of the time it is pitch dark in there or nothing going on. Why the live webcam watching this?

Why was Pope John the seconds body and grave "dug" up in the first place? From 2011 -

He is risen: Body of late Pope John Paul II exhumed ahead of his beatification in the Vatican - See:

Something does not feel right about this. That feeling aside, Jesus tells us about the dead in the Bible, God's Word:

Luke 9:60
Jesus said to him, "Let the dead bury their own dead, but you go and proclaim the kingdom of God." (NIV)

Stay alert in God the Father through Jesus Christ.

Pope John Paul II Exhumed Coffin and Body Used as an Altar!

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Comments on this item:

19-03-2013 01:00:10
See Wikipedia for an explanation:

The Second Council of Nicaea in 787 decreed that every altar should contain a relic, making it clear that this was already the norm, as it remains to the present day in the Catholic and Orthodox churches.

This was the tradition from the days of the catacombs. Protestants have dropped all early church traditions, apostolic groups make up their own. You all need to read the history of Christianity and then you might understand more..
23-03-2013 07:29:31
Freda, thank you. That said, does the "history of man", the "traditions of men" make it right?
05-07-2013 10:59:11
@BreakingNews 1m
Late Pope John Paul II to be made a saint, Vatican says - @Reuters
Thomas Carney
18-10-2013 21:09:40
Since the EARLIEST days of the ancient Church, both the Catholics and the Orthodox, place first class relics (usually of martyrs) in the altars. In the very early Church, when Christianity was illegal in the Roman Empire, Mass was said over the grave of martyrs because the Romans were too superstitious to go into cemeteries. Every consecrated altar in the Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Churches (Greek, Russian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Romanian, etc.,) and the Oriental Orthodox (Syriac, Malankara, Coptic, Ethiopian, Mar Thoma, etc.,) all place relics of saints, usually of martyrs in the altars. It is not unusual at all for Mass to be said where a beatified person's relics are there.
22-04-2015 02:13:52
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